ST. GEORGE, UTAH (JUNE 4, 2018) – The authorities reported that a driver of a silver Infiniti caused a T-bone collision when she turned left without yielding at the intersection of River-Road and Brigham, Monday.

According to St. George Police officer Phil Lewis, the women driving the silver infinity turned left at the intersection as the driver of the black Nissan Altima was passing though. The silver infinity crashed into Nissan Altima in a T-bone collision. A witness to the crash said the driver of the Infiniti turned on a red turn arrow.

Gold Cross ambulance arrived to medically evaluate both drivers, however neither were reportedly injured.

The driver of the silver Infiniti is at-fault for the injuries and/or property damage sustained by the occupant of the Nissan Altima. According to Utah law the injured occupant have a right to make a claim against the driver of the silver Infiniti or her insurance for their injuries, vehicle damage and loss of enjoyment of life.

According to the 2016 Utah Crash Summary posted on highwaysafety.utah.gov failing to yield was responsible for 16% of all fatal crashes on Utah’s roads. Additionally, failure to yield is the second most leading cause of all crashes at 20%, second only to following too closely at 24%. A motor vehicle crash occurs once every 8 minutes in Utah. These senseless crashes have no place on our roads. When anyone is operating a motor vehicle they must pay attention and follow the basic safety rules that keep us all safe from harm, including yielding when you are supposed to yield.