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Car accident Cedar City, Utah? We know you have questions. Give your Cedar City Utah Personal Injury Attorney a call to get answers. After a crash people are unsure how they are going to get a rental car, pay bills, or get needed medical care on a tight budget. Something as simple as transportation can negatively impact a person and their entire family. You may be getting the “run-a-round” with your insurance company and you are unsure if they are looking out for your best interest or only keeping their pocket book in mind. If you have questions we are here to answer them. Please give our office a call today and see what we can do to help you and your family. Cedar City is a unique town with a real sense of community. The community relationships are strong and most everyone knows their neighbors. In recent years Cedar City has experienced substantial growth because so many people want to raise their families in a safe town where traditional values are still encouraged.

Medical Care Following a car accident in Cedar City

Because of growth, Cedar City has greatly expanded the types of medical treatment that are available to individuals that are suffering injuries in a car accident. Cedar City has many qualified medical professionals to treat people for their injuries after a car accident. If you are concerned about medical treatment or the cost of medical treatment call your Personal Injury Attorney Cedar City, Utah, for help today. Injury Defenders Personal Injury Lawyers have been working with medical providers in Cedar City for many years.  Take advantage of our experience today.


If you have a Utah insurance policy, then you have a minimum of $3,000 to help pay for your medical bills. However, once that money is gone, then you will be responsible to pay for the rest of your medical treatment. There are several options available to assist people in paying for their medical bills but each situation is different. That is why you need to call a personal injury attorney in Cedar City, Utah to discuss your specific situation and get the answers that you are looking for. Some people can turn to personal health insurance for assistance, while others will need to set up treatment on a lien. Either way, our experienced personal injury attorneys can give you the guidance that you need to get through a tough time in your life.

Why should you call a Cedar City Attorney?

As soon as a car accident is reported to the insurance company, the insurance company has several experienced individuals (including attorney’s) review the case. The reason they do this is to find a way out of their responsibility. Insurance companies have one thing in mind, money. They will do whatever they can to save a buck, even if that means leaving you out to dry. You need someone who will stand up for your rights and fight back against the insurance giants.

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If you have concerns about what to do, please call us now to get your questions answered:

  • How am I going to get my car fixed?
  • Who is going to pay for the ambulance and medical bills?
  • What am I going to do about work?
  • How does my insurance plan work?

Call us today for your FREE consultation. You won’t owe us anything unless you hire us and we get money for you

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