Ignoring Stop Sign, A Driver Sends One to Hospital

ST. GEORGE, OCTOBER 11, 2018 –Thursday morning and at W 200 South was the scene of a t-bone crash when a driver ignored a stop sign. Both vehicles were towed.

The crash occurred between a red Ford Escape and a blue Ford Fusion. The Fusion was traveling on north on 300 West and at that time the red escape was on West 200 South. The driver of the Fusion ignored the stop sign and slammed into the Escape. Airbags were deployed and the driver of the Escape was injured.

Both vehicles were towed from the scene of the crash.

Authorities reported the driver of the Fusion, “did not see the stop signed for westbound traffic and continued through.”

The driver of the Fusion was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign.

A homeowner by the scene of the crash remarked “no one stops at that stop sign”

It is terribly unfortunate to be injured by another in a car crash, especially, when the injured person was not at fault. Due the information given by the police, the injured individual may have a claim against the driver of the Fusion since the police hold the driver of the Fusion responsible for the crash. The occupant(s) of the Escape have every right to seek reparations for the damage and injuries caused by the Fusion driver.  According to Utah law the injured occupants may have a right to make a claim against the driver of the Fusion or their insurance for their injuries, vehicle damage, the loss of loved ones and loss of enjoyment of life.