Failure to Yield in Washington City Leads to Crash

WASHINGTON CITY, UTAH (AUGUST 14, 2018) – Vehicle impaction occurred when one driver turned left in front of another.

Reportedly, a white Malibu turned left at the intersection of Main Street and Telegraph in Washington City. The white Malibu turned into a red Ford pickup traveling through the intersection.

The front of the white Malibu crumpled underneath the front of the truck. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported.

The driver of the white Malibu was cited for failure to yield.

It is terribly unfortunate to be injured by another in a car crash, especially, when the injured person was not at fault. Due to the information given by the police the driver to the Malibu is at fault for this crash and the driver of the truck, if injured, may have a claim to against the driver of the white Malibu. According to Utah law the injured occupants may have a right to make a claim against the driver of the Taurus or their insurance for their injuries, vehicle damage, the loss of loved ones and loss of enjoyment of life.