VEYO, UTAH (OCTOBER 16, 2018) – SR-18, authorities reported Wendy Pollock died after being struck head on in a vehicle crash this Tuesday morning.


Authorities reported that around 8:00 A.M., Wendy Pollock was driving southbound on SR-18 in a gray Pontiac car. At this time a driver, driving a red Chevrolet S-10, was driving northbound on SR-18. Reportedly the driver of the red Chevrolet swerved into the southbound lane on course to collide with Wendy. Wendy swerved onto the northbound lane to avoid the crash as the driver of the red Chevrolet served back onto the northbound lane. A head-on collision occurred and Wendy was killed on impact. The driver of the red Chevrolet S-10 was taken by life-flight to Dixie Regional Medical center in critical condition.


The liability of the crash is yet to be determined


It is terribly unfortunate to see these type of crashes occur, especially when death is the result. According to Utah law the family of Wendy may have a right to make a claim against the driver of the red Chevrolet or their insurance for their loss of loved ones.