Sharpening Our Defensive Driving Skills

Today, I was blessed.  As I was driving on River Road, near Target, a driver, who obviously was not paying attention to her driving, made a left  hand turn directly in front of me while I was traveling  at 40 mph.  I immediately slammed on my brakes and cranked the wheel hard to the left, causing my car to slide sideways.  I barely missed her as she completed her right hand turn directly in front of me.  She seemed oblivious to the fact that she almost caused a significant collision.  Had I been distracted for even a second, I would have broadsided her at full speed.  I learned again my lesson today of the importance of driving defensively and keeping my attention focused not only on my driving but also on the others who I share the road with.     Let’s all be more careful to avoid injuring ourselves and others as we drive.  Be Safe!