Driver on Cell Phone Causes Four-Car Accident, Injures Three, SouthWhitehall Patch, January 3, 2013.

South Whitehall Police report a chain reaction accident on Cedar Crest Boulevard.

Three people were hurt when a driver who said he was attempting to make a phone call caused a four-car accident in the 200 block of Cedar Crest Boulevard on Dec. 19 at 6:17 p.m.

According to South Whitehall Township Police reports, Christopher K. Jameson, 25, of Reading, was driving south on Cedar Crest Boulevard when he hit a stopped car driven by David Dopkin, 38, of Whitehall.

Dopkin’s car then hit the car stopped in front of it driven by Justin Haas, 26, of Allentown, which hit the car in front it, driven by Reem Haddad, 42, of Whitehall.

Jameson told police he didn’t know how fast he was going and that he was trying to make a phone call at the time of the accident. Three of the four cars involved had to be towed – the first car in the line, driven by Haddad, was driven from the scene.

Jameson said he didn’t suffer injuries but three people in the cars ahead of him complained of injuries and were transported to various local hospitals.