Red Hills Parkway Crash Injures Two, Kills One

ST. GEORGE, UTAH (JULY 24, 2018) – Red Hills Parkway, authorities reported 2 people injured and one driver killed in a head on crash.

Authorities reported the driver of a Gold pickup truck was traveling over the speed limit on Red Hills Parkway. The driver lost control of his truck, overcorrected the wheel and crossed into oncoming traffic. The truck struck another vehicle head on, injuring the two occupants. The driver of the truck died.

According the Utah 2016 crash summary a motor vehicle crash occurred every 8 minutes. The leading cause for these accidents is speeding. It is important to remain alert, obey traffic laws, and drive a safe distance behind another.

It is terribly unfortunate to be injured by another in a car crash, especially, when the injured person was not at fault. From the information provided, the injured individuals may have claims to make against the insurance of the driver that hit them. According to Utah law the injured occupants may have a right to make a claim against the driver of the truck or their insurance for their injuries, vehicle damage, the loss of loved ones and loss of enjoyment of life.