Leading Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents in Utah

With the increasing number of semi-trucks on the roads, there is also a rise in the number of semi-truck related accidents. The increase in the number of these vehicles is attributed to the fact that Utah has become a commercial hub and these vehicles carry goods and other products all over our great country.
In 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration made a study pertaining to truck crashes. In that year alone, there were about 380,000 large trucks involved in traffic accidents. 4,066 of those were fatal and approximately 90,000 individuals incurred injuries.
This study also examined how the crashed often occurred. 50% of all fatal trucking crashes involved a head-on collision. 9% of fatal crashes were because of individuals turning suddenly in front of a semi. Of these fatal crashes, 64% occurred in rural areas. 67% occurred during daylight hours. 80% occurred during weekdays.
Trucking accidents bring up several interesting issues. One is insurance. Some trucking companies are self-insured. Others have an ordinary commercial policy. Still other companies hire out independent contractors who carry personal insurance on their truck. If you are injured it is important to discover which insurance arrangement is present because that may ultimately determine how much money is available to help you with your medical bills, lost wages, or death expenses (depending on the situation).
Another interesting issue that trucking accidents brings up is the way that the crash occurred. Big trucks have so many moving parts and so many things that can go wrong mechanically. Frequently, the cause of a semi-truck crash is a mechanical failure of some kind. These mechanical failures have to be investigated thoroughly in order to cause change as to prevent others from being injured. Also, some trucking companies require too many miles from their drivers which will encourage the drivers to work extended hours. Driving too long or too far only results in driver fatigue and ultimately harm to others. For the safety of all, these company policies cannot be excused and must be stopped.
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