Identifying Responsible Companies and Individuals After a Truck Accident

UTAH. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you may be facing a long recovery time, high medical bills, lost wages from time missed at work, and pain and suffering. The expenses that families and victims may face after a serious accident in Utah may be immense. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Utah residents lose an estimated $268 million in crash-related deaths each year. These figures account for medical expenses and estimated work losses. However, these numbers don’t account for the people who survive their injuries and may require long-term rehabilitation, nursing, or experience long-term disability.

Identifying Responsible Companies and Individuals After a Truck Accident 3

Truck accidents are particularly devastating because of the heavy weights that trucks carry. When truck drivers make mistakes, the consequences can be much higher for innocent drivers on the road. If you or a loved one has been in a truck accident, you may want to consider speaking to the personal injury lawyers at the Truman Law Firm, P.C. in Utah. Our firm can review the facts of your case and identify stakeholders who may have been involved in your accident. Truck accidents are particularly complex because there may be more than one party or person responsible.

How will your lawyer identify responsible parties after a truck accident? After your lawyer assesses your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages, your lawyer will look to primary parties to seek damages. These groups may be:

  • The truck driver. Truck drivers are required to abide by federal hours of service laws and other strict regulations. Your lawyer can review the driver’s rest logs, schedules, and shipping delivery times to determine whether he or she violated federal laws.
  • The truck company. Truck drivers are often hard-working individuals who face immense pressure from their employers to deliver goods on time. When truck companies ask drivers to meet unreasonable schedules or when the companies have a poor track record maintaining their vehicles, they could be held responsible for your crash.
  • Insurance companies. Truck companies and drivers are required to hold high insurance policies; in some cases, policies are as high as $1 million. Insurance adjusters, however, may sometimes try to offer victims lower settlements than they may deserve. Adjusters may use formulas or computer programs to evaluate the value of a claim. This is why it helps to have a truck accident lawyer on your side to estimate your damages. Knowing what your claim may be worth can help you consider whether your settlement is fair.
  • Manufacturer or repair company. When truck tires blow, the accidents that follow can be devastating. Sometimes repair companies cut corners, putting used tires on trucks. When companies cut corners, innocent drivers on the road can be hurt.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the parties that could be held responsible after a truck accident. Sometimes several stakeholders own the truck, trailer, or rig. Having a qualified personal injury lawyer on your side can protect your rights. The Truman Law Firm, P.C. will take the time to identify all stakeholders and help you and your family seek justice under the law. Visit us at to learn more today.