How Should I Take Photos of a Car Accident Scene?

It can seem impossible to think clearly after a serious collision, but your statements and actions in the immediate aftermath can have a profound impact on the success of your personal injury claim. In addition to contacting the police and recording the contact information of eyewitnesses, it is essential that you take pictures of the accident scene.

How Should I Take Photos of a Car Accident Scene? 3

Photos can tell the story of how the crash happened and help your accident lawyer prove negligence and liability. They will be crucial evidence if the at-fault driver denies liability or if the insurance company disputes your claim.

Even with strong evidence, the insurance company will look for any possible excuse to deny or undervalue your claim. One small mistake, such as making a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster or overlooking certain damages, could reduce the amount of compensation you ultimately recover.

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Read on to learn five strategies for taking photos of a crash scene

  1. Take Pictures That Show the Positions of Vehicle

Take wide-angle photos that show the positions of vehicles relative to one another, traffic signs, and the intersection, if applicable

  1. Take Photos of Skid Marks

Take close-up photos of skid marks. If the driver who caused your accident was speeding, pictures of skid marks may help your attorney prove negligence.

  1. Take Pictures of Property Damage

Photos of property damage can demonstrate the severity of the crash. They will also help your lawyer tie your property damage to the collision.

  1. Take Photos of Injuries

According to the American Automobile Association, medical records alone may not be enough to tie your injuries to the collision. Photos of your injuries immediately after the crash can further strengthen your claim.

  1. Activate Your Camera’s Timestamp Function

If your case goes to trial, your attorney may use timelines to demonstrate how the accident unfolded. Activating your timestamp function can help your lawyer establish the chronology of events.

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