1 Dead, 16 Students Injured in School Bus Crash

KTLA reports on a school bus crash that killed one driver and injured 16 students. The University Medical Center of Southern Nevada has confirmed that 13 of the students sustained non-life threatening injuries but one was critically injured.

1 Dead, 16 Students Injured in School Bus Crash 3

The impact caused the bus to flip on its side. According to authorities, the students were ages 11 to 16.

Although the cause of the collision is still under investigation, it is likely that driver error played a role. According to research published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 94 percent of all accidents involve driver errors.

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How Can Parents Help Young Students Avoid Injuries?

Learning that your child sustained a severe injury en route to school is every parent’s worst nightmare. Although some accidents are unavoidable, it is important that parents take the time to teach their kids how to avoid injuries when traveling to and from school.

Let’s examine nine safety tips you should share with your children:

How to Cross the Street Safely

Even if your children do not have to cross the street to reach the bus stop, it is still important that they know how to cross the road safely. Here are three tips to keep in mind:

  1. Look left, right, and left again before crossing, and continue looking left and right while crossing;
  2. Only cross the road at intersections – preferably on designated crosswalks; and
  3. Do not walk between stopped vehicles when crossing the road.

How to Avoid Injuries at the Bus Stop

Make sure your children know the following tips for avoiding injuries at the bus stop:

  1. Do not stand in the road while waiting for the bus;
  2. Do not leave the sidewalk until the bus has come to a complete stop and the door has opened; and
  3. If you drop something near the bus, do not retrieve it – rather, tell the bus driver.

How to Avoid Injuries When Exiting the Bus

Kids tend to be excited when they get off the bus, but a moment’s inattention is all it takes to cause a tragedy. Make sure your children follow these tips when exiting the school bus:

  1. Look for approaching vehicles before you cross the road;
  2. Do not cross the street in front of the bus until the driver says it’s ok; and
  3. Walk 10 feet ahead of the bus before you cross in front of it so the driver can see you.

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