How Can I Avoid Accidents in Foggy Weather? 4 Tips from a Personal-Injury Lawyer in Utah

Driving is dangerous enough in clear weather, but the risk of crashing increases substantially in fog, rain and other adverse conditions. According to, fog causes more than 31,000 accidents in the United States each year on average.

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Fortunately, most weather-related collisions are avoidable. Next time you are driving in foggy conditions, keep these four tips in mind:

  1. Slow down;
  2. Use your fog lights – not your high beams;
  3. Turn off cruise control;
  4. And use all of your senses.

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Here are four tips to remember when driving through fog:

  1. Slow Down

If any factor reduces your visibility – fog included – then reduce your speed. This will give you more time to react to unexpected hazards such as a crash scene. It will also reduce your stopping distance.

You should also leave more space between your car and the leading vehicle. This will give you more time to break in case the leading vehicle stops unexpectedly.

  1. Use Your Fog Lights – Not Your High Beams

According to the American Automobile Association, Utah law requires that drivers switch on their headlights when visibility is less than 1,000 feet – even during the daytime. However, do not use your car’s high beams in the fog; these may blind oncoming drivers. Rather, use your fog lights and regular headlights.

Also, turn on your car’s defroster and use your wipers to keep your windshield clear.

  1. Turn off Cruise Control

It is critical that you maintain full control of your vehicle in adverse weather conditions such as fog. Turn off your cruise control so you will be ready to stop suddenly or evade hazards if they arise.

  1. Use All of Your Senses

If you are having difficulty seeing the road ahead, then turn off your car stereo and open your windows. You may be able to hear surrounding vehicles. You should also look at reflectors on the road to help you maintain a straight trajectory.

If the conditions are particularly bad, do not hesitate to pull over and wait for the weather to clear.

Unfortunately, not all motorists take these safety measures when driving thorough fog. If you were injured by a crash that another driver caused, contact the Truman Law Firm P.C.

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