Free Speech & Phil Robertson

Free speech is okay;

As long as the godless like what you say.

You can curse and profane and take the Lord God’s name in vain.

You can jerk and twerk and do things obscene;

You can even air your breasts and buttocks on the national screen.


All in the name of free speech;

So the godless loudly preach.

You are free to do whatever you like;

As long as the godless think it’s right.


If killing the unborn is a mothers right;

What about killing them when they make us uptight?

What is the difference in or out of the womb;

Without a god why not our child consume?


But the godless rant and rave and cry a foul;

When some poor school child prays out loud.


The godless say it just ain’t right;

To leave crosses on the graves

Of soldiers who defended their right

To speak as they like.


If a God fearing man says what he thinks;

He is censured and shamed and removed from TV.

To share God’s word is such a vile and hateful thing;

The godless call him a bigot, a homophobe and a ding-a-ling.


Ancient prophets certainly were right;

When they had the last days in sight.

They saw the godless as despisers of those that are good;

Lost in such darkness, good and evil they misunderstood.


No matter what the godless proclaim;

They eventually will see and feel their shame.

When they stand before the God they ignored;

They must then acknowledge Him as their Lord.


A day of judgment awaits every man;

On which side of the fence will you stand?

God stands and waits with arms open wide;

Longing to lovingly embrace all on His side.