Car Driving 100 mph Causes Crash on I-15

Iron County (UTAH) (April 30, 2018) – The authorities reported that a car crash occurred between a white Volvo and a maroon Ford sedan. The crash occurred by mile larker 89 on interstate 15 in Iron County. The preliminary report indicated that both vehicles were traveling the same direction. The Ford was in the right hand lane and noticed the Volvo speeding behind him. The driver of the Ford switched lanes in order to allow the Volvo to pass by him. However, when the Ford changed lanes, the driver of the Volvo also decided to change lanes in an attempt to pass the driver of the Ford. This resulted in a rear- end impact which sent both vehicles off of the road. The Volvo rolled a few times and the Ford landed in a fence. The driver of the Volvo was taken by life flight helicopter to the hospital and the driver of the Ford was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Both vehicles were inoperable and were towed away from the scene of the crash.



According to the 2016 Utah Crash Summary posted on speed is the leading contributing factor in deaths on the road. Speeding was cited as the reason for 17.9% of all crashes which is responsible for 28,283 crashes. A motor vehicle crash occurs once every 8 minutes in Utah. These senseless crashes have no place on our roads. When anyone is operating a motor vehicle they must pay attention and follow the basic safety rules that keep us all safe from harm, including operating your vehicle at an appropriate speed and following the speed limits where ever you are driving.