5 Car Collision in Tooele County Sends 3 to Hospital

Tooele County, UT (May 13, 2018) – The authorities reported that both lanes of SR-36 in Tooele county by Canyon Road were closed due to a 5 car crash. The crash occurred around 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening.

According to reports, the southbound driver of a passenger vehicle moved into the multipurpose lane of SR-36 and then moved into the northbound lane, colliding headlong into an oncoming vehicle. The force of the collision caused the northbound vehicle to hit a third vehicle which struck a fourth vehicle that bumped into a fifth.

Three people were injured in the crash. Two were taken to the hospital via ambulance in poor condition. The southbound driver was taken by life flight in critical condition.

Both lanes of SR-36 were closed for 2 hours until the authorities deemed it clear enough for travel.

This car crash significantly impacted the lives of everyone involved. Each individual and vehicle damaged by the carelessness of the southbound driver has a claim to make, at least on that vehicles insurance.

According to the 2016 Utah Crash Summary posted on highwaysafety.utah.gov a motor vehicle crash occurs once every 8 minutes in Utah. These senseless crashes have no place on our roads. When anyone is operating a motor vehicle they must pay attention and follow the basic safety rules that keep us all safe from harm, including maintaining all diligence and avoiding any distractions while driving.