Car Crash in Beryl Utah Sends Driver to the Hospital with Multiple Injuries

Beryl, UT (March 11, 2018) – The authorities reported that a black Jeep Wrangler and a red Kia Soul were involved in a crash at the intersection of 3200 North and 4000 West in Beryl, Utah. The crash occurred around 3:20 p.m. Sunday evening. According to reports, the driver of Soul had a through lane of travel and the Wrangler had a yield sign. Unfortunately, the driver of the Wrangler failed to yield when they passed through the intersection causing the crash. Police responded to the scene of the crash and issued a citation to the driver of the Wrangler for failure to yield. Both vehicles were so damaged that they had to be towed from the scene of the crash. The driver of the Kia sustained multiple injuries and had to be transported to Cedar City hospital for medical care.

According to the 2016 Utah Crash Summary posted on failing to yield was responsible for 16% of all fatal crashes on Utah’s roads. Additionally, failure to yield is the second most leading cause of all crashes at 20%, second only to following too closely at 24%. A motor vehicle crash occurs once every 8 minutes in Utah. These senseless crashes have no place on our roads. When anyone is operating a motor vehicle they must pay attention and follow the basic safety rules that keep us all safe from harm, including yielding when you are supposed to yield.