Can I Sue Uber after a Rideshare Accident?

Uber is swiftly taking over the commercial transportation industry. As of July 2016, Uber passengers had taken more than 2 billion rides, and according to Forbes, the rideshare giant adds more than 50,000 new drivers each month. However, just like any other motorist, Uber drivers are not immune to accidents.

Can I Sue Uber after a Rideshare Accident? 3

So who is liable for damages after an Uber wreck? The answer to this question depends on several factors – namely, the cause of the crash and whether the driver was considered to be on the clock.

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Who Is Liable for Damages after an Uber Accident?

After most car accidents, the insurance provider of the driver who caused the crash will pay for damages. However, Uber wrecks are more complicated because there are several insurance policies in play.

When determining insurance liability, your injury lawyer will need to know the cause of the crash. If you were a passenger in an Uber that was hit by another vehicle, then the latter’s insurance provider should pay the damages.

If the Uber driver caused the wreck, then your accident attorney will investigate whether the Uber driver was on the clock when the crash happened. If the Uber driver was not on the clock, then his or her personal insurance should pay the damages.

Uber carries commercial vehicle insurance, which pays for damages if a driver causes a crash while on the clock. However, Uber’s insurance policy will only pay compensation if the driver was carrying passengers at the time of the wreck. As such, if an Uber driver drops off passengers and then hits a pedestrian, then the driver’s personal insurance should pay the damages.

Determining liability is just one step in making an insurance claim. Recovering fair compensation is often an uphill battle, and a minor oversight could reduce the amount of compensation that you recover or prevent you from recovering any compensation at all.

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