3 Costly Mistakes a Las Vegas Injury Lawyer Will Help You Avoid after a Car Accident

A car wreck can have far-reaching effects that last long after the collision. Many victims face an uphill climb to recovery. Some require ongoing medical care and cannot return to the same occupation.

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Lost wages and medical bills can add up quickly, and the pressure to restore financial security causes many accident victims to make mistakes. A small oversight during the claims process can significantly reduce the amount of compensation that you ultimately recover, or prevent you from recovering any compensation at all.

These three errors are particularly common:

  1. Overlooking certain damages;
  2. Making recorded statements to insurance adjusters; and
  3. Accepting a settlement too early.

The best way to avoid these mistakes and recover fair compensation is to enlist the help of an accident attorney. If your crash happened in Nevada, contact the Truman Law Firm P.C.

Ronald W. Truman is an injury lawyer in Las Vegas who will evaluate your case in a free initial consultation. Mr. Truman will answer your questions and explain the strategies he will use to help you recover the maximum compensation. Call 702-821-1821 to discuss your claim.

Let’s take a closer look at three common mistakes during the claims process:

  1. Overlooking Certain Damages

Most accident victims are concerned with the initial costs related to their injuries – namely, medical bills and lost income. However, a serious injury can affect your bank account for years after the initial collision, and sometimes permanently.

If you were hurt by another driver’s negligent behavior, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Past and future medical bills;
  • Past and future lost income;
  • Property damage;
  • Loss of enjoyment in life;
  • Loss of consortium; and
  • Pain and suffering.

It is common for claimants to overlook the cost of future medical bills and future lost wages, which can add up to a veritable fortune. Also, pursuant to NRS 42.010, you may be entitled to exemplary damages, also called “punitive damages,” if the driver who injured you was drunk at the time of the collision. Your injury lawyer will calculate your damages so you recover the maximum possible compensation.

  1. Making Recorded Statements to Insurance Adjusters

Insurance companies are businesses. As such, they have financial incentive to pay their policyholders as little as possible.

One strategy for accomplishing this is to ask claimants to make recorded statements. If you unknowingly admit fault or make another misguided statement, this could significantly reduce the amount of compensation you recover or prevent you from recovering any compensation at all.  Your accident attorney will help you avoid these mistakes by handling correspondence with your insurance agency.

  1. Accepting a Settlement Too Early

You might be facing financial jeopardy after a car accident, but you should never accept a settlement until you know the actual cost of your medical bills and other damages. Your accident attorney will make sure you do not accept a settlement while you are still in pain or unsure about the recovery time.

If you were hurt by a negligent driver in Nevada, contact the Truman Law Firm P.C. Call 702-821-1821 to schedule a free initial consultation with an injury lawyer in Las Vegas.