4 Steps to Take If Your Prescription Medication Was Recalled

Americans spend more than $374 billion each year on prescription drugs. Many of these patients rely on medications to maintain their health and quality of life.

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Before pharmaceuticals enter the market, they must pass stringent tests to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Unfortunately, these evaluations do not always identify every dangerous side effect.

If the U.S. Food & Drug Administration receives reports about adverse side effects, then it may recall the medication. Alternatively, the drug manufacturer must recall the medication if it discovers dangerous side effects after the medication hits the market.

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4 Steps to Take If Your Medication Was Recalled

Every medication recall is a serious matter. Recalls usually indicate that a drug causes a serious – and possibly deadly – side effect that was previously unknown.

Take these four steps if you found out that your prescription medicine was recalled:

  1. Visit the FDA’s website to learn about the recall;
  2. Dispose of the recalled medication or return it to your pharmacist;
  3. Call your doctor to schedule a medical evaluation; and
  4. Consult a personal-injury lawyer if you notice the symptoms of adverse side effects.

When Does the FDA Issue Drug Recalls?

The FDA will issue a recall if it receives reports that a drug causes adverse side effects that were previously unknown. The FDA may also issue a recall if the medication is found to be ineffective, or if a safer alternative has become available.

Sometimes the FDA only issues a partial recall of a particular drug. This usually happens when a drug manufacturer discovers a defect in a small batch of the medication.

What Are the Typical Starting Points of a Medication Recall?

As previously mentioned, medication recalls are usually issued either by the FDA or the drug manufacturer. There are three typical starting points of these recalls

  1. The FDA recalls the drug directly;
  2. The FDA asks the manufacturer to recall the drug; or
  3. The manufacturer issues a recall without an FDA request.

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