What You Should Know About an Accident Injury Attorney

An accident injury attorney is a legal professional who represents people who have been injured by the fault of another.  The injuries can be physical, mental or emotional.  Those who have been injured by the fault of anther need to make sure to choose an accident injury attorney that is responsive, reputable and reliable.

An Injury Attorney Can Help in Many Situations

A good personal injury attorney should be well versed in many aspects of personal injury law.  Personal injury law is much different than criminal law or general civil litigation.  Personal injury lawyers need to understand, among other things, the duties we owe one another, how those duties can be breached, medical issues, insurance issues, medical lien issues, etc.   A good personal injury attorney should be able to help you if you’ve been injured in a car accident, a trucking accident, a motorcycle accident, a bicycle accident, a fall down defective stairs, slipping on a wet floor, or even from a dog bite.

What You Can Expect From an Injury Attorney

You should expect a good personal injury lawyer to, at least, (i) meet with you in person, (ii) take time to understand how your injuries occurred; (iii) understand the nature and extent of your injuries; (iv) explain to you your rights for the repair or replacement of your vehicle and your rights to have your medical bills paid; (v) return your telephone calls when you have questions; (vi) keep you informed on the progress of your case; and (vii) be your advocate for justice.

After meeting with a personal injury attorney, he should be able to let you know if you have a very good case and whether he  is willing to help you with your case.  With most personal injury lawyers, the initial consultation is free of charge.  If you decide to hire a personal injury lawyer, most of them work on a contingency fee basis which means that they don’t get paid unless you recover some money.