What to do if you are in an accident?

It is crucial that you protect your rights and interests as quickly as possible after an accident; whether you have been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, or a negligent act committed by another person, your actions after the accident can determine the outcome of your case.

The nuggets of evidence you gather and preserve at the time of the accident can be used throughout your litigation. Jot down and take notes on as many important facts as possible; your memory will never be as fresh as it is at the time of the crash. Get the names, phone numbers, and a statement from all the witnesses that saw the accident; the witnesses will never be as readily accessible as they are when the accident occurred.

Gather the necessary reports and any documentation that is available (if it is a car accident—always get a police report). Take photographs of your injury, what caused the injury, the area, and the parties involved. Help fill out and give specific information about who was at fault and why they were at fault to police or store managers. Make sure you get the at-fault party’s information.

Do not admit fault or say anything that could be interpreted in meaning that you were part-way to blame or that the accident really wasn’t that big of a deal. For instance, in the stress surrounding a car accident, even a simple, “I’m sorry, are you alright” could be interpreted as an admission of fault. Also, statements expressed when you’re ticked off at the moment could be interpreted as road rage or that you intended to cause the harm.

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney and smart proactive steps taken at the accident scene will help in getting you fair compensation for your injuries and reduce the hassle in dealing with the insurance company. If you are severely injured by an accident, seek immediate medical attention first. Then, call an attorney who specializes in personal injury to help you with the legal headache so you can focus on getting better.