What Happens When a Someone is Injured In Your House?

Whether it is a holiday or any special occasion, family and friends gather together to celebrate, spend time and have fun. From having enjoyable activities, preparing scrumptious meals to making new traditions, the last thing you would want to happen is to have someone get hurt. What happens if someone gets hurt at your home? Here are some details that will give you insights to holiday accidents that can happen at home.

Q: What happens if a person is injured in your home during holiday season?

Expected visitors who go to your house need to be protected from hazards. They should be aware of any hazard on your property. As the owner, it is your responsibility to inform guests about any hazards on your property. You are not obligated to repair those defects, but if you think it can cause harm or injury, you might as well do the necessary repairs. These hazards include flooring issues, iced entryway, not enough lighting, etc.
When a person gets injured on your property, they will file a claim with your home owner’s insurance provider. As for the liability, it would depend on the status of the injured person. To determine your status at the time of the fall you should consult a personal injury attorney.

Q. Will my insurance policy provide coverage?

Before anything else, liability has to be established. In the event that you are liable for any injury or damage incurred on your property, your insurance company can cover the damages to the aggrieved party. However, it is important to note that it would depend on your insurance coverage. Insurance companies typically do not cover damages for injuries resulting from intentional acts (i.e. assault). So, if you get mad at uncle Ted and you punch him in the face, your home owners insurance policy will likely not pick up the bill.

Q. Are There Various Kinds of Coverages?

When it comes to insurance coverage that pertains to personal injury that took place in your home, there are two predominant types. The first is the Personal Liability and the other is the Medical Payments to Others.
The Medical Payments to Others provides coverage for medical costs of the injured person. This type of coverage would cover the costs regardless of who is at fault. How about the coverage limits? It typically ranges from $1000 to $5000 and this may vary among states and insurance providers.
The other type of coverage is Personal Liability coverage. This provides coverage for property damages and body injuries. Then again, the coverage would still depend on the insurance policy as it may include rehabilitation, hospital bills and loss of income among many others. Compared to the other type of insurance, it has high coverage ranging from $100K to $500k.

Q. What if the injury resulted from an intentional act?

If the injury incurred was brought about by an intentional act, the injured party should see a personal injury attorney. They specialize in handling such cases as they know the legal remedies to help you receive fair and adequate compensation.
Celebrating holidays and other special occasions in your house is definitely fun. If an accident takes place in your property, the very first thing is to ensure that the person injured gets the medical attention they need as soon as possible. Enjoy the season!