Utah Injury Attorney Discusses 3 Common Causes of Serious Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycle accidents happen far more often than many people assume. In 2013, 4,668 bikers died and 88,000 suffered injuries in traffic accidents, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Although this is a tragic statistic, it does not convey the hardship faced by the victims’ families.


Motorcycle accidents usually end with injuries or death. In addition to emotional distress, surviving loved ones often face overwhelming debt due to medical bills and lost income.

Although no amount of compensation can undo the devastation of a serious motorcycle accident, it may help victims’ families maintain financial stability. If you were severely injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, contact the Truman Law Firm P.C. to discuss your legal options.

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Here are three common causes of motorcycle accidents in Utah:

  1. Following a Vehicle Too Closely

Tailgating is dangerous in all motor vehicles, but it is especially hazardous for motorcyclists. This can lead to a rear-end crash.

Rear-end collisions often involve distractions. Motorcyclists may be able to prevent these scenarios by keeping their eyes on the road ahead and avoiding the temptation to gawk at billboards, accident scenes and other roadside distractions.

Poor weather can also be a contributing factor. When riding in the rain or snow, extend your following distance so you have more room to brake. Also, reduce your speed so you require less stopping distance.

Finally, make sure your tires are safe. You should have adequate tread and the appropriate tires for the weather and terrain.

  1. Adverse Road or Weather Conditions

Motorcycles are significantly less stable than passenger vehicles. As such, bikers should be cautious when riding over gravel, potholes, broken concrete, ice and pebbles.

As mentioned before, it is important for riders to reduce their speed and extend their following distance in poor weather. They should also use their headlights to help other drivers see them.

  1. People Exiting Parked Vehicles

Drivers and passengers in parked motor vehicles often exit without looking. This can cause a devastating accident if a motorcycle rider collides with the opening door.

Riders should be cautious when travelling adjacent to parked vehicles. Try to stay on the left side of the lane, and keep an eye on the parked cars ahead to see if a driver or passenger might exit.

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