Utah Accident Attorney Offers 5 Tips for Safer Spring Driving

The snows in Utah are finally thawing, but spring comes with its own dangers, as the Road Weather Management Program explains. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid accidents and injuries by following these tips for safer spring driving:

Mountain laurel along Skyline Drive on a spring day in Shenandoa

  • Prepare for snowmelt;
  • Keep your winter tires;
  • Expect daylight changes;
  • Look out for spring activity;
  • And avoid soft gravel.

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Here are five tips that can help you avoid accidents in the spring:

  1. Expect Ice and Snowmelt

The late snows over the last few weeks are causing hazardous road conditions. Night temperatures are still cold enough to create layers of ice. Puddles from snowmelt can cause hydroplaning, and ice can make your vehicle difficult to control. You can reduce the risk of crashing by driving slowly, avoiding sudden braking, and maintaining safe following distances.

  1. Hang onto Your Winter Tires

The tread on your winter tires is more suitable for late season snows and other spring conditions in Utah. Keep them on your vehicle until the warm temperatures stabilize. Your winter tires can prevent accidents in many situations, so change them only when it is safe to do so.

  1. Prepare for Daylight Changes

As the days lengthen, the angle of the sun changes in the sky. This can cause harsh and unexpected sun glare.

According to the American Automobile Association, sun glare is especially noticeable at sunrise and sunset. You can minimize its effects by removing clutter from your dashboard and keeping your windshield clean. This will prevent distracting reflections.

  1. Be Aware of People

People flock outdoors as the weather warms. Joggers emerge earlier and more people become active. Drive defensively to prevent collisions, and reduce your speed when traveling in residential areas and near parks.

  1. Stay away from Soft Gravel

It is dangerous to drive on a gravel shoulder during spring. New plants are thriving in the snowmelt and loosening gravel with their roots.

If the gravel is unstable, it can make your wheels skip. Stay on the road and avoid veering onto soft gravel. If you must drive over it, then do not overcorrect any skidding. A jerk of the wheel can worsen the spin and cause a rollover.

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