U.S. Infrastructure is Abysmal It Puts Drivers at Risk of Crashes

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. According to Wired, the American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave U.S. infrastructure a “D” grade. When you think of crumbling infrastructure, you might imagine roads with potholes or bridges in need of repair. But, the reality is that poor roads, potholes, and other road hazards caused by infrastructure problems can lead to car accidents and other injuries. Unfortunately, many of America’s roads are in need of repair. A recent report indicated that one in five miles of America’s highways may need fixing. However, when it comes to fixing roads, they simply might not be a priority. Governments must decide how to spend strapped budgets. The cost of repairing America’s highways are estimated to be in the trillions. More urgent municipal projects may take priority over roads. While we might not think of road repair as a critical issue, bad roads can lead to tire blowouts, which can lead to accidents or other serious injuries.

U.S. Infrastructure is Abysmal It Puts Drivers at Risk of Crashes 3

Yet, some of the infrastructure problems can go deeper than just potholes. According to CBS News, one in nine bridges in America are structurally unsound. In some instances, the bridges have been reported to have gashes and even holes in them. Some bridges are even at risk of collapsing. In some cases, bridges are just one accident away from falling apart. In 2007, a bridge in Minnesota collapsed. In Washington state, another bridge collapsed more recently after a truck hit one of the bridge’s trusses. With so many bridges in need of repair, it is impossible to know which bridges are sound and which aren’t, and often times you can’t identify problematic bridges based on the bridge’s outward condition alone.

Individuals who have been injured due to infrastructure failures may also face challenges seeking compensation for their injuries or medical bills. Unlike personal injury law with car accidents involving civilians, personal injury law involving the government or local municipalities works quite differently. The government must first consent to be sued and then individuals may find themselves facing a more rigorous process or shortened timelines to pursue a claim.

This is why if you’ve been injured or hurt in an accident that you believe is the result of the government’s failure to properly maintain a road, it is very important to seek proper legal advice. A qualified personal injury lawyer can review your case, determine the best course of action, and identify negligent parties. The Truman Law Firm, P.C. are personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada who work with a wide range of clients facing medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages due to an accident or injury.

As it stands, the government may not have much motivation when it comes to repairing America’s ailing roads. Until more Americans hold local and federal governments financially accountable when accidents happen, many roads and bridges may continue to remain unrepaired. If you have been hurt in a road accident and have questions about your legal rights, consider visiting the personal injury lawyers at the Truman Law Firm, P.C. today.