Truck Collisions

Semi Truck Collisions

Photo by Todd McCann – Flickr

Big trucks are a great asset to many companies and they almost single handedly are responsible for all of our groceries and goods that are bought and sold in town. However, these big machines are also very dangerous to other motorists on the roads. In Utah, Interstate 15, 70, and 80 are the most frequently used roads for commercial truck drivers as well as semi-truck drivers. These interstate routes also experience a fair amount of collisions. With the huge volume of trucks and their big size, accidents occur fairly regularly which can result in life-threatening conditions from major injuries to death. Typically, a car crash is like a fight, in the end it all comes down to a simple weight-to-weight ratio. Basically, the bigger, heavier vehicle will typically prevail over the smaller, lighter vehicle. When a semi is involved in a crash, things typically don’t look very good for the other party.
Trucking crashes can be complex cases because typically the injuries that have been sustained are many and severe. It is important to find a trucking collision attorney who has experience dealing with large truck crashes and is willing to litigate if necessary. So if you are injured or if your loved one is injured in a truck accident, give Injury Defenders a call today, it’s free to talk to us and we can come to you.

Sometimes the cause of the crash was not the drivers fault, but instead it was a defective product on the truck that caused the truck to do what it did. These cases can be extremely tricky and require an attorney’ assistance. Trucking cases consider a variety of factors and circumstances. Typically, a trucking accident involves a commercial business policy where there is potential for adequate compensation to the victim (although money is a poor substitute for health.)

Sometimes trucking companies are self-insured, which means that they do not actually have a commercial insurance policy and all payouts come directly from the company’s checkbook. In order to ensure that you are getting a fair settlement as the law requires (fair and adequate compensation for all of you harms) you should contact a trucking accident attorney to help you determine what is “fair and adequate” in your case and protect your rights.