Steer Clear of Dangerous Drivers — Those Rule Breakers Who Put All in Harms Way

According to the October, 2013 issue of Consumer Report, Highway traffic deaths were up in 2012.  1,700 more people were killed on our roads in 2012 than in the prior year.  The causes of these deaths were (i) unbealted occupants (12,872 deaths); (ii) speeding (9,944 deaths); (iv) drunken driving (9,878 deaths) and (v) distracted driving (3,331 deaths).  The Consumer Report suggested 5 ways to steer clear of dangerous drivers:  1.  “Be ready for the unexpected. Stay alert and drive cautiously.  Use your mirrors to stay aware of what’s going on around your vehicle at all times.”  2.  “Give other drivers plenty of space.  Don’t drive too close to a vehicle in front or right next to one for an extended time. Leaving room will give you more time to react if something goes wrong.”  3.  “Hone your skills.  Consider taking a defensive-driving or car-control course.  They help teach you how to control your vehicle in emergency situations, such as when swerving to avoid an obstacle or another vehicle and how to recover if your car starts going out of control.”  4.  “Avoid driving at the deadliest times.  In 2011 more fatal crashes occurred in the early morning hours of Saturdays and Sundays than at any other time.  Not only did fatalities peak at around 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., but most of those accidents involved drunken driving, including a whopping 72 percent of the crashes that occurred around 2 a.m. on Saturdays.”  5.  “Report erratic, dangerous behavior.  Pull over and call 911 to alert the police, especially if you can give a good description of the car or a license plate number.”

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