Some Women Not Receiving the Medical Care They Need After Childbirth

UTAH. Many women experience changes after childbirth. However, some women may not be aware that damages they experience during childbirth can be treated medically. As many as 80% of women may be sufferers of some kind of pelvic injury. As many as 95% of first-time mothers may experience some kind of tearing during childbirth. Doctors may not always take women’s complaints seriously. In some cases, it can be years before women receive the medical treatment they need. One woman, writing for the Guardian, reported that it took her five years to receive proper medical treatment. We live in a world where men’s sexual health is taken seriously, while many women suffer in silence after experiencing childbirth injuries.

Some Women Not Receiving the Medical Care They Need After Childbirth 3

Serious damage after childbirth is common. Prolapse can turn the simple act of using the restroom into an ordeal. Woman may experience changes in their sexual health. Part of the problem involves the way health professionals handle common prolapse symptoms. Women may not even know they have a condition. Not all gynecologists diagnose less serious cases of prolapse. Some women only find out if they need surgery or require more serious interventions. In some cases, less serious interventions can make a big difference in women’s quality of life. Changes in diet, electrical stimulation, and certain core strengthening exercises can improve a woman’s health.

Until the medical and pharmaceutical companies begin to take this aspect of women’s health seriously, many women will continue to suffer in silence. Yet, the conversation has begun. Parents Magazine recently ran a piece about vaginal tearing during childbirth. Understanding the different degrees of tearing can help you better understand what treatment you should be receiving. First and second degree tears may need some stitches, but don’t involve the muscle. Third degree tears may involve the muscle. And fourth degree tears can be incredibly serious.

First and second degree tears can take several weeks to heal, while third and fourth degree tears can result in long-term problems. Fourth and third degree tears can also be caused by medical errors. If suction is used or if the baby becomes stuck during childbirth, a mother may be more likely to experience a tear. Finally, don’t undergo an episiotomy. This is when the doctor intentionally performs an incision. It can make the damage worse and make it more likely you will experience injury during childbirth. Finally, during childbirth, it is often a good idea to let the mother lead the pushing process.

If you feel that your doctor’s action or inaction may have resulted in a birth injury, you may have certain rights under the law. Until more women speak up about their injuries, it isn’t likely that the medical profession will take birth injury seriously any time soon. As it stands, it seems like the conversation has only just begun. The Truman Law Firm, P.C. are personal injury lawyers in Utah who work with victims who have suffered car accidents and other injuries. Visit our site at to learn more about your rights.