Slip and Fall Accidents: Premises Liability

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. People can fall in a parking lot, a store, a friend’s house or even a hotel. A slip and fall can cause anything from a laugh to death. Some of the more devastating injuries can cost a great deal considering the medical costs, the loss of current and future income along with the other damages. Apart from that, these kinds of accidents can also lead to broken bones and even trauma. That is why property owners always need to be responsible to ensure that any person in their vicinity is safe by reminding or informing them of any safety precautions to avoid the likelihood of such accidents.

Proving Fault

When filing a lawsuit, if you are the injured party in the case you need to prove the fault of the defendant. Most people think that just because a person slips or falls down, it is the property owner’s liability and he should compensate the injured party. However, the owner may not have had a duty to protect against the person’s harm. These premises liability cases often produce a great deal of debate over who is responsible. If you have been injured while on someone’s property then you need an experienced personal injury attorney to help advise you with your case.
As the plaintiff, you need to prove that the cause of the slip is brought about a dangerous or hazardous condition. In such cases, the injured party needs to establish that there is negligence on the part of the property owner. For instance, if the property owner knows that there is a dangerous condition on his property, and he fails to inform people coming on to his property about the condition and someone gets hurt, then he may be responsible for the harm done. For example, if there are wet floors and these areas are unmarked, or if they are no safety rails, poor lighting, etc., these are some of the common scenarios that can cause slip and fall accident. Failure on the part of the property owner to inform visitors with the proper signage can be deemed negligence.
Premise liability occurs not only in commercial properties but even residential properties. Whether you are the business owner or a home owner, you owe it to the people visiting your property/household to ensure that they are safe.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, slip and fall accidents are the major causes of traumatic brain injuries.
Individuals who are suffering from brain injuries brought about by a slip and fall have to shoulder the hefty medical costs. It does not stop there, after treating the injury, the injured person has to undergo rehabilitation and continued care.