Hurricane Car Crash Sends Several People to the Hospital

Hurricane, UT (April 16, 2018) —  It was reported that an automobile crash involving a white pickup truck and a maroon Cadillac occurred at the intersection of 700 West and State Street in Hurricane Utah. The crash occurred just after 11:00 a.m.

The report indicates that the white pickup truck ran a red light and crashed into the maroon Cadillac causing the pickup truck to roll over. There were two people in the white pickup truck and bother were transported to the hospital, the driver in critical condition. The occupants of the Cadillac were also taken to the hospital to receive medical care for their injuries. Since all parties involved in the crash were taken to the hospital, there were no citations issued at the scene of the crash. However, police are expected to issue citations at some point. Both the truck and the Cadillac were so damages that they had to be towed away from the scene of the crash.

According to the 2016 Utah Crash Summary posted on, there were 34,596 crashes that took place because someone failed to yield (this includes failing to stop at a light). That amounts to 21.8% of all crashes that occurred on our roads.  Everyone needs to be careful when approaching an intersection. At Injury Defenders we see these kinds of cases constantly. So many people end up with serious and even life-threatening injuries because of someone’s failure to stop. We wish all involved in this crash a speedy recovery.

When this kind of thing happens the both the passenger in the pickup truck and the occupants of the Cadillac will have a claim to make against the driver of the pickup truck. If you or a family member was involved in this crash please have them call Injury Defenders at 435-986-2222 for a free case review.