How to Avoid 3 Common Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

Riding a motorcycle may seem simple, but like all vehicles, responsible handling requires skill and experience. Bikers are particularly vulnerable to injuries – even with proper safety gear – which is why following the rules of the road is so critical.



Sadly, even the safest motorcyclists can fall victim to negligent drivers. These accidents almost always involve devastating injuries or fatalities.

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In the meantime, and read on to learn about three common motorcycle accidents:

  1. Sweeping Bends on Open Roads

According to the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents, most motorcycle drivers are familiar with riding in cities and towns. As such, many are not suitably prepared for the change in riding conditions on longer trips. In particular, bends on country roads can be difficult to navigate.

Many motorcycle riders enter wide bends at a high speed and underestimate how sharp the turn may be. ROSPA suggests looking for clues about the bend before you enter it. Trees, power lines or hedges will all indicate how the road bends. If you are unsure, lower your speed and play it safe as you round the corner.

  1. Intersections

Intersections are common sites of motorcycle accidents. According to Ride Apart, many drivers fail to see oncoming motorcycles and turn in front of them. Drivers may also misjudge your speed or distance, and think they can complete a turn in time to avoid a crash.

While it may be tempting to get angry at the driver for turning too soon, it is important to remember that in a car-on-bike accident, the motorcyclist will most likely come away with severe injuries. Rather, reduce your speed when approaching busy intersections, and assume that drivers have not seen you and will cut you off.

  1. Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is a common cause of motorcycle crashes. The reduced speed of the motorcycle while lane splitting may make the bike difficult to handle, and there are many potential hazards that may pop up. Cars do not anticipate a motorcycle arriving between the lanes, and they may make sudden lane changes or moves that cause an unavoidable accident.

Tough exhilaratingly fun to ride, motorcycles require extreme care and responsible handling. Defensive driving is especially important on a bike, but even the safest riders can fall victim to another driver’s negligence.

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