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How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You/How to Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney

How can a personal injury lawyer help you? 

If you’ve been injured in an accident (car crash, truck crash, boating incident, plane crash, dog attack, slip & fall, defective product, etc.), you need to focus your energy, your time and attention on getting better.   You don’t want to delay necessary medical treatment because that could worsen your condition and make it more difficult to obtain fair and adequate compensation for your injuries.  Having to deal with insurance adjusters who want to low ball you, responding to their demands for completing forms, dealing with property damage issues, deciding whether to give a recorded statement and gathering important evidence can be demanding, draining and time consuming.  A personal injury attorney can lift this heavy burden from you, allowing you to focus on healing and carrying on with life’s other demands.

A personal injury lawyer also can help you sort through the maze of available insurance coverage.  A personal injury lawyer can help you resolve, and often reduce, the medical charges that you have incurred for your medical treatment.  A good personal injury attorney can help you get fair and adequate compensation for your injuries.

What does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney? 

Almost all personal injury lawyers will charge you for their services a percentage of your gross recovery.   This is referred to as a contingency fee arrangement.  The percentage charged by the personal injury lawyer often is negotiable and typically ranges anywhere from 25% to, as much, as 50%.

How to find the right personal injury lawyer for you? 

The lawyer/client relationship should be based on mutual trust.  Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should talk to the lawyer who will be representing you to make certain that you “click” with him or her.   Relying on advertising alone to find a personal injury lawyer is not advisable. You want a personal injury attorney who truly will be your personal advocate.  You don’t want to hire a personal injury attorney who spends mega-bucks advertising only to find out, to your dismay, that you can’t even get past that personal injury attorney’s paralegal or secretary to speak to the attorney.  You want to find a personal injury lawyer who truly is committed to being with you every step of the way.