Get More with your Med Pay in Nevada

Have you been in an auto accident in Nevada and are in need of medical assistance? Although you can always settle with the insurance prematurely, it always helps to contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who can help you with your injury claim. Find an attorney who can has connections with medical professionals and can assist you in getting the treatment you need without having to pay for it up front. One way that you can ensure that you get the medical attention that you need, is to purchase Med Pay as part of your insurance plan. Med Pay allows you to use that money (typically $3,000 – $10,000) immediately after a car accident without increasing your own insurance rates. Plus if you obtain a policy limits offer from the at-fault party, you may not have to reimburse any of those costs.
Some states require you to have Med Pay as part of your monthly premium. For example, every Utah insurance policy has a statutorily required minimum of $3,000 built into each and every policy. However, Nevada does not have any such requirement. Therefore, it is important that you, as an insurance consumer, is aware of Med Pay as a viable option, and you purchase it when purchasing your insurance. If you already have insurance but it does not include Med Pay, we suggest that you contact your local agent and get a price quote for the additional coverage. Plus you will likely learn that it really does not cost that much. Med Pay can be a life saver, especially for those who do not have health insurance.
Just because you already have health insurance does that mean that you do not need Med Pay? No, you need both. Why, because many forms of medical treatment, including chiropractic care, are typically not covered by ordinary health insurance. We always recommend that you have both and as much of them as possible. Also, you may get the benefit (higher net settlement) with the use of Med Pay than you would without it. Simply put, don’t get caught in a crash without Med Pay. Trust us, it’s worth the extra few dollars a month.