Driving Under the Speed Limit in the Left Lane in Nevada? It’s Against the Law

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. According to 13 Action News, Nevada citizens face tickets if they drive too slow in the left lane. Yet, will this new law encourage speeding? Will it make roads safer or will it put more drivers at risk of deadly speed-related crashes? According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, incidents of road rage are often precipitated when slow cars drive in the passing lane. However, a new Nevada law states that drivers in the passing lane should be traveling at the speed limit and not slower.

Driving Under the Speed Limit in the Left Lane in Nevada? It’s Against the Law 3

So, if you’re not driving the speed limit, you could get pulled over.

Critics of the law claim that it isn’t really addressing the problem of road rage. Individuals should learn techniques to manage their anger in a safe manner, rather than having the state intervene and force everyone to drive faster. Yet, there are cases where driving too slow can endanger other drivers. Failing to drive at the speed of traffic can lead to pile-ups if one driver stops too suddenly and others don’t react quickly enough.

Nevada state troopers claim that they are not encouraging drivers to speed. Rather, they are encouraging drivers to drive at the speed limit. Yet, the law seems to be requiring drivers to operate their vehicle on a strict knife’s edge. After all, speeding is against the law. And, maintaining a constant speed can be challenging unless one has cruise control.

According to The Drive, a first-time offense will cost a driver $50. A second offense will cost $100. And a third-time offense will cost a whopping $250. The hope is that the law will prevent drivers from hogging the passing lane, making it easier for drivers to pass slower vehicles. After all, the passing lane is designed for passing, not for regular travel.

It isn’t clear what will happen if road conditions warrant slower driving. After all, speed limits assume optimal road conditions. At the end of the day, drivers will have to use their discretion when deciding how fast to travel.

Finally, if you or a loved one was hurt in a car accident due to road rage or due to a speeding driver, you may have rights under the law. The Truman Law Firm are Las Vegas, Nevada personal injury lawyers who can help victims and families seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages experienced due to the negligence or neglect of another driver. Speeding and road rage are both contributing factors to many car accident deaths and injuries. Road rage can be characterized as following too closely, cutting off another driver, or flashing lights to pass another driver. While the new law is designed to prevent road rage, there is no reason to drive aggressively—even if another driver was moving too slowly in the left lane. If you or a loved one was hurt due to road rage, contact the Truman Law Firm or visit us at http://trumanlawfirm.com/ to learn more about your rights and options.