Car Crash Fatalities Decline in 2012

Great news!   The number of traffic related deaths on our roads in Utah declined from 243 in 2011 to 217 in 2012.  According to the State of Utah, Department of Public Safety, Highway Safety Office, “Utah has had a steady decline in the fatal crash rates over the last 40 years.  In 2012, there were 217 people killed in traffic crashes on public roadways in Utah. This was the lowest total of traffic deaths in Utah since 1959.”  Utah made progress in, among others, the following areas:  1. There were 19 fewer deaths involving a drunk driver.  2. There were 10 fewer speed-related deaths.  3. There were 6 fewer deaths involving a large truck. 4. There were 4 fewer red light/stop sign running deaths. However, some areas of concern in Utah during 2012 were:  1. Speeding — Speed was a factor in 42% of the deaths.  2.  Unrestrained Occupants — 36% of the deaths were to unrestrained occupants of the automobile. 3. Drowsy Driving — 10 more deaths involved a drowsy driver.  4.  Motorcycles — There were 4 more motorcyclist deaths.

Let’s all learn to be more careful drivers, making the roads a safer place for all of us who share the roads.

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