5 Ways to Help Your Teen Avoid Car Accidents

No parent should have to endure the loss of a child, but that is the tragic reality faced by thousands of parents who lose children in car accidents every year. According to Teen Driver Source, about 11,000 teens lose their lives in traffic accidents annually, and 326,000 are seriously injured.

5 Ways to Help Your Teen Avoid Car Accidents 3

If your child is about to become a licensed driver, there are steps you can take to reduce his or her risk of being involved in a collision. Five of those strategies include:

  1. Set a positive example;
  2. Teach your teen about the common causes of collisions;
  3. Install an app on your teen’s phone to prevent distracted driving;
  4. Prohibit your teen from carrying passengers; and
  5. Prohibit your teen from driving at night.

Unfortunately, even the most responsible young drivers can fall victim to drunk, distracted, and negligent motorists. If you or your child was injured in a crash that another driver caused, contact the Truman Law Firm P.C.

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Let’s take a closer look at five strategies to help your child avoid accidents:

  1. Set a Positive Example

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teenagers are less likely to wear their seatbelts than any other age group. One of the most effective ways to convince your teen to buckle up is to lead by example. Fasten your seatbelt before you start the engine, and make sure your passengers do the same.

  1. Teach Your Teen about the Common Causes of Collisions

About half of all teen crashes involve one of these three errors:

  1. Distracted driving;
  2. Speeding; or
  3. Failing to detect a hazard due to an inability to survey the road properly.

Make sure your teen understands the dangers of distracted driving and speeding, and teach your teen how to identify hazards in time to take evasive action.

  1. Install an App on Your Teen’s Phone to Prevent Distracted Driving

There are several apps available that allow parents to monitor their teen’s behavior on the road or that prevent teens from using their cellphone while driving. Five of the most popular apps are:

  1. Canary;
  2. Hum by Verizon.
  3. AT&T DriveMode;
  4. Drive Alive Lite; and
  5. Autobrain.
  6. Prohibit Your Teen from Carrying Passengers

Carrying two peer passengers more than triples your teen’s risk of being involved in a fatal accident. Male teens are six times more likely to break a traffic law and twice as likely to drive aggressively when carrying a peer passenger.

  1. Prohibit Your Teen from Driving at Night

The risk of being involved in a fatal accident is three times higher at night. Do not allow your teen to drive at night until you are confident in his or her experience.

If the worst happens and your teen suffers an injury in a collision with a negligent driver, contact the Truman Law Firm P.C. Call 702-821-1821 to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas.