3 Killed and Others Injured in Automobile Accidents in Southern Utah During the Last Five Days

During the last 5 days, we have had, at least, six automobile accidents in Southern Utah resulting in three deaths and other significant injuries. All of these unfortunate and tragic losses could have been avoided had the at-fault drivers paid attention to what they were doing.   Driving on the public roads certainly can be dangerous when folks choose not to follow the basic safety rules of driving. We all need to be more careful. We all need to obey the basic safety rules of driving.

On August 31, 2014, there was an accident in St. George, Utah at the intersection of East Riverside Drive and South River Road. According to the news reports, “a man driving a dark-grey Buick Lacrosse, heading north on River Road, made a left hand turn heading west on Riverside Drive . . . when he struck as black Volkswagen Jetta in the turning lane carrying four occupants.” St. George News. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene. This accident could have been prevented by the driver of the Buick taking a little more time to watch where he was going.

On August 30, 2014, two men were killed in a tragic head-on collision in Kane County.   The crash occurred on State Route 89 in Utah near Big Water.   According to news reports, Jay Russell of Page Arizona was traveling north in an Acura when he drifted into the southbound lanes and crashed into Richard Nutt, 78, of Douglas, Georgia. Mr. Nutt was driving a Honda Civic. Both drivers were killed in the head-on collision. This crash certainly could have been avoided had Mr. Russell been paying attention to his driving and stayed in his lane of travel. Our prayers of comfort certainly go out to both of these families for their significant losses.

On August 29, 2014, another car accident occurred in St. George, Utah at the intersection of 1100 North and Dixie Downs Road. According to St. George News, a woman, with children in her silver car, was stopped at a stop sign at 1100 North waiting to make a left-hand turn onto Dixie Downs Road. The woman in the silver car attempted to make the left-hand turn but ended up t-boning a car driving north-bound on Dixie Downs Road. The woman driving the silver car was cited for failure to yield and for having no proof of insurance. Both vehicles had to be towed from the accident site. This accident could have been prevented if the woman in the car had been more patient and made certain the road was clear before proceeding with her left hand turn.

On August 29, 2014, a Toyota Corolla hit a wheelbarrow while traveling southbound on Interstate 15 near the off-ramp to Washington Parkway. According to the news reports, a Toyota Tacoma was pulling a trailer loaded with landscaping equipment when a wheelbarrow fell of the trailer onto Interstate 15. This accident could have been prevented had the person taken more time to secure the wheelbarrow in the trailer.

On August 28, 2014, a woman and her 3 year old daughter were transported by ambulance to the hospital after being hit by a truck that ran a red light at the intersection of 100 South and River Road in St. George, Utah. According to a posting made by Mrs. Fisher, the driver of the car that was hit when the truck ran the red light, her daughter fortunately was not seriously injured and Mrs. Fisher had bruising all along her left side.   This accident certainly could have been avoided had the driver of the truck either been paying attention to his driving or had he been patient enough to stop at a red light.

On August 27, 2014, Mr. Bruno Loreda unfortunately was killed in a motor vehicle accident that occurred on Red Hills Parkway in St. George, Utah. Our most sincere condolences and heartfelt prayers go to Mr. Loreda’s family and friends. According to news reports, Mr. Loreda was killed when the pickup truck he was driving was hit by a cement pump truck driven by Mr. Darren Black. Apparently, the cement truck “was unable to stay in its lane of travel . . . and crossed into oncoming traffic which resulted in the collision with the pickup,” causing the cement truck to roll onto its side.   St. George News. Mr. Loreda’s life was cut short at only 52 years old.   What a tragic and needless loss to Mr. Loreda’s family. This accident could have been prevented had the cement truck driver been a little more careful driving on the muddy roads.

These accidents have resulted in tremendous losses to the victims and their families. For some, they have lost a husband, father, son or brother. Not only have these families lost the income that the deceased would have continued providing to the family, but more importantly, they have lost the love, comfort, companionship and society of their loved one. Those who survived these automobile accidents will be left with the residual affects of broken bones, torn ligaments, muscle damage, disc damage, nerve damage, etc.   Unfortunately, the law cannot turn back time and restore what was lost. It only can require the persons causing the crashes to pay a sum of money equal to the harms and losses caused by their carelessness.   Money certainly is a poor substitute for the loss of life and health but that is all the law allows.

A good Utah personal injury attorney can help these unfortunate folks get through the legal maze while they focus on healing and coping with their losses. Furthermore, holding the negligent drivers responsible for their reckless conduct will teach them to be more careful in the future.